Fequently Asked Questions
To help you with the planning of your Ice Sculpture, below are our most fequently asked questions.
Please fill free to contact us if you have other questions concerning your event.

How do you get the ice so clear:

We only used "crystal clear" ice made in our Clinebell machines. The ice blocks are 40" x 20"  and weigh about 300lbs each. The ice is clear because of the water is circulating during the freezing process. Each block takes about 4-5 days to freeze.

How long does an ice sculpture last:

An ice sculpture will look good for 5-7 hours depending on the design in a controlled enviroment. We are talking about the detail in the ice. A controlled enviroment is approx 70 degrees, like inside your home, a hotel ballroom, event venue, etc. For outdoor events, we suggest your sculpture to be located in a shaded area or under a tent. Direct sunlight, rain, wind and warm temperatures can cause an ice sculpture to last less then 5 hours. When carving sculptures for outdoor events, we take into consideration where your sculpture will be placed and the length of time it will be on display.

What is included with setup:

Full service setup: Delivery 1 hour before guests are due to arrive. Setup includes a lighted drain tray (all our sculptures are lit from underneath) , a 12 gallon drain bucket, accenting decor around the base of the trays, and tear down at the end of your event. All we require is a sturdy table with a floor length linen and an electrical outlet nearby for the light under the sculpture.
Economy setup: Delivery 1 hour before guests are due to arrive. Setup on a disposable lighted drain tray. You will need to supply the drain bucket, linens and any extension cords as well as the table. You will also be responsible for removal of your sculpture.
Wholesale pricing is available for client's with their own drain trays and walk-in freezer. "Freezer Drop" ice sculptures are carved, bagged and boxed, and delivered to your freezer 1-2 days before your scheduled event.
Some Ice Sculptures, like Ice Bars, are only available with full service setup.

How much notice do you need on an ice sculpture order:

It is always best to get your date reserved as soon as possible.  Some Holiday and Wedding dates fill up quickly. But please don't hesitate to contact us even if you think it's too late to order. We've also been known to be able to carve an ice sculpture with less than 1 day notice. 

How long does it take to carve the sculpture:

Depending on the design, some ice sculptures can be carved in 2-3 hours, others like logos with color or ice bars can take 2-3 days. Luges with coil hoses frozen or sculptures with flowers or pictures frozen in the ice will take 5 days just to make the ice block. We have several ways of making an ice sculptures. Some are carved with a chain saw and various router bits, others are carved on our state of the art CNC Router. Our Router is the only one in Colorado capable of carving both 2-d and 3-d up to the size of a double block sculpture. Our CNC router is the only one in the world using both a
 2-d and 3-d software program. Only the Best for our Clients!

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